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Options for Kitchen Countertop Surface Material

Choosing the appropriate kitchen countertop material is a critical aspect of the design process of a kitchen remodel. With numerous countertop surface materials options to select from and many factors to bear in mind such as style, budget, durability, level of maintenance etc. it can be a daunting task.
The following are some amazing tips for selecting kitchen countertop materials:

Granitegranite countertop
Granite is highly desired and the cost depends on the availability and type of the particular stone. It is highly durable and when properly sealed it can be the simplest to clean. Granite is available in a variety of style, colors, veining and patterns and its surface is extremely versatile. Wipe off any spilled alcohol, citrus, cooking oils from the granite countertop because it is vulnerable to etching and staining. Use a paper towel to blot any spills and clean using a solution of mild soap and water. For the best look and stain resistance rebuff and seal granite countertop annually.

Marble has a distinctive veining and classic appeal and is ideal for vintage designs. You will find marble used on flooring, kitchen islands and bathrooms. Marble is a high-end surface material and is vulnerable to scratches, etching, and staining. Ensure marble is well sealed to limit staining. Marble is highly resistant to most elements besides high heat. Take care of marble by cleaning using water and soap and protect it from scratches using mats and trivets.


Quartzite is a highly versatile and hard stone based on the quartz content. However, it can be vulnerable to fragmenting and increased costs. Compared to other stone surfaces it less porous and available in a variety of colors. The quartzite differs in terms of stain resistance based on the specific stone. They are easy to clean with limited soap and water.


Quartz is the top quality countertop material due to its high resistance to stain, scratches, and high heat. According to this concierge services company it is the simplest to clean and highly eco-friendly. It does not need any sealing and maintains a glossy look with little effort.


Soapstone is also ideal for vintage design because of its unique veining. It is, however, vulnerable to fragmenting and scratching and needs to be oiled to keep a consistent look. It is safe for food preparation owing to its low liquid absorption and natural high density. Soapstone is mostly used in small countertops and it is easy to clean with soap and water. It can also be sealed for a perfect appearance with a food safe seal.

Natural Wood

Natural wood being softer than stone will begin to chip eventually. Wood can be sealed to maintain its natural attractive look. It is renowned for adding warmth to both traditional and modern designs making use of contrasting materials such as glass and stainless steel. Clean and sanitize wood using a solution of vinegar even though the natural wood has its own natural anti-bacterial enzymes. To keep natural wood countertops looking fresh periodically oiling them after cleaning.

Glassglass countertop

Glass is an excellent countertop material that extremely versatile, non-porous and available in a variety of colors and thickness. There are amazing features and effects that can be added to glass such as back painting, edge lighting, etching, and frosting. Glass is easy to clean however without proper care and use it can scratch and fragment.

Based on the above tips you can now make an informed decision about the best countertop surface material for your kitchen remodel.

Tips for lighting up the bathroom

Bathrooms have become the status symbol for leading homes particularly because of the competitive property market. A lot of emphases has been laid on bathroom designs. Whether you have decided to remodel your current bathroom or build additional new bathrooms the following tips will help you achieve the desired style for your bathroom
• Layered Lighting
The secret to layered lighting in bathroom lighting is to use multiple lighting sources. Kitchen and bathroom lighting share a lot in common. Each square foot of the bathroom should have not less than 2 Watts of light. The categories of bathroom lighting includbathroom-lightse ambient lighting, task lighting, and decorative lighting. A bathroom cannot be well-lit using one source of light.
• Ambient Lighting
For ambient lighting, a center ceiling light will work perfectly however you cannot depend on it for your task lighting needs. This is because it will cast shadows on your face. Due to that, the ambient light should have a dedicated switch along with a dimmer.
• Decorative Lighting
To enhance the attractiveness of the bathroom consider installing decorative light fixtures especially if you have space. Large bathrooms need decorative lighting to eliminate the emptiness and create a warm feeling. Examples of decorative lighting fixtures include recessed lights, vanity lights, wall and ceiling fixtures, sconce lighting, bath light bar etc.
• Task Lighting
Lighting up the task areas in the bathroom such as the mirror where you apply makeup and do your personal bathroom-wall-sconces-lightinggrooming requires lighting that has the color temperature of daylight. Take full advantage of the natural light from the sun as much as possible. Fluorescents and LEDs are not the best options for task light unless they have a high color rendering index. Besides daylight halogen lamps or incandescent bulbs are the closest to natural daylight.
Rather than installing the standard vanity light i.e. the strip light replace them or use them together with wall sconces which is much more effective.To find out more about task lighting options click here.
Designing a good bathroom lighting will determine the overall bathroom experience especially if you looking for some luxury and style. Discuss the elements of bathroom lighting with a professional electrician to select the best options and for the electrical plans. Adhere to the regulations for electrical installations for safety reasons since water and electricity can be a dangerous combination. Do not undertake any electrical work unless you are a qualified professional.

Trendy ideas for bathroom remodel

Whether you have decided to add an extra bathroom or upgrade your bathroom tiles or shower, a bathroom renovation project is the best opportunity to incorporate your ideas into the design of your dream bathroom. Perhaps you are looking for a spa-like atmosphere for relaxing or simply a functional bathroom for your family. Possibly all that you want is an inviting space to impress your guests and help them feel at home.
Regardless of your bathroom design plans, there are certain bathroom features that are a must have since they not only add property value but also convenience and luxury. These are not just basic amenities like sinks and toilets but additional features that improve the whole bathroom experience including:
• Multi-Head Showers
There is nothing more relaxing than having your worn out muscles massaged by multiple streams of water as you enjoy a nice shower. For the ultimate bathing experience if you have a large bathroom install larger multiple showerheads. Should it not possible to install multiple showerheads due to limited space or plumbing then the alternative is to install a detachable showerhead that can be used with easy flexibility.double basins
• Double Basins
Double basins and vanities are a must have especially when you share the bathroom with the rest of your family. Each person can enjoy his own space when you have a vanity for every sink. Getting ready in the morning does not have to be a pain anymore.
• Large Tub
Jetted tubs are not in high demand as they used to be according to some real estate professionals. However, for master baths large and deep tubs still remain the most desired luxury. It is the perfect place to soak, relax and unwind after a hard day. The style of the room and tub should blend perfectly. The most popular tub selections include freestanding tubs and latest material vintage tubs. If you want sufficient deck space then built-in tubs will do particularly if they overlook a magnificent view.
• Private Toilet
For a shared master bath a separate toilet room makes it convenient for everyone to share the bathroom by adding privacy. You do not need too much space to add a separate bathroom which makes the installation easy.
• Extra Storage
We keep a lot of things in the bathroom such as towels, toilet paper, soap etc. It is, therefore, important to plan for extra storage space when designing your bathroom for remodeling. According to Maid Complete Seattle adding extra shelves, cabinets, furniture will help to unclutter your bathroom making it look more organized.

• Eco-Friendly Features
With growing concern over environmental conservation, most people are going green with their bathroom remodels. Protect the environment by using recycled materials for flooring such as bamboo or reclaimed wood and paints with low VOCs. Limit water wastage by installing a dual flush toilet. Save on materials by restoring some of the old vanities and antique sinks.
• Heating
A cold bathroom tile floor in the morning during winter is not inviting at all. To improve the bathroom experience during the cold season consider installing heated floors. Stay warm using heated towel racks to warm the towels you will use after a bath.
• Technology
A lot of technology is now incorporated into bathrooms to not only enhance the spa-like atmosphere but also for entertainment. Modern bathrooms now include stereo systems, televisions, and the internet.
Every bathroom remodeling project is based on a particular budget. Therefore, you have to prioritize on the most important features that you need for your bathroom.


How to Caulk Your Home

At first, caulking your home may seem like a pretty intimating feat. However, it is one of the simplest ways that you can ensure that your home has a tight seal, and that you are not at risk for developing drafts, or inviting critters into your home. There are a lot of places in your home that require caulk in order to prevent these pesky issues from becoming a problem.

Ensure that You Choose the Right Caulk You will want to ensure that you are choosing a caulk for your purpose. By choosing a silicone caulk, you are reducing the risk of the caulk shrinking, as well as ensuring that it has a more permanent seal. Using an inferior caulk will lead to cracks and gaps that will ultimately lead to water damage, possible mold growth and an increased heating or cooling bill.

Clean the Surface Well By cleaning the surface well, you will ensure that the new caulk will stay in place. Use a 5 in 1 to remove any loose caulk from the area Wipe down the area with a clean, wet cloth, making sure to remove all debris. If you are caulking a brick or cinder block area, use a masonry wire brush to clean the area well

After you are sure the area is cleaned well, apply masking tape to both sides of the crack. This will ensure that the edge of the caulk bead is straight and does not leave behind any excess that may become problematic or unsightly. If you do not want to go through the extra expense, or hassle of taping off the area, you can purchase a caulking tool at your local hardware store that will make your job easier.

Prepare the Tube of Caulk and Break the Seal Using a box knife, or a strong pair of scissors, pierce cut the top of the caulk nozzle at an angle to create the desired sized you want the bead of caulk to be Using a wire, nail or other stiff device, pierce a hole in the top of the caulk tube where you cut the angle. Place the tube of caulk securely into the caulking gun. This gun will hold the caulk tube in place, and apply pressure to the bottom of the tube. Use the caulk to seal any cracks or spaces you see both inside your home, or outside your home. Make sure to squeeze with consistent, easy pressure to avoid too much caulk coming out at once. The amount of pressure you use on the trigger of the caulk gun will determine how much caulk comes out of the tube.

Smooth Out the Caulk, Sealing the Crack In order to smooth the caulk, you will need either a wet finger, or a caulk smoothing tool that has been dipped in water. The caulk must be smoothed within the first five minutes of application or it will begin to harden and will not smooth out Regardless of what method you choose, make sure to use equal pressure all the way down the crack and try to smooth the entire line with one swipe.

Store the Caulk away for the Next Use If you have any extra caulk left in the tube, simply replace the cap on the tube or place a nail down in the hole. Wipe off any caulk that has accumulated on the nozzle. Store in a temperature controlled environment to ensure that the caulk remains fresh for the next time you need it

Home Remodeling Ideas- 3 Money Saving Tips for a Kitchen Remodel on a Budget

If you have always wanted that dream kitchen, but you are on a budget, it is possible! Here are three key things that will help you create a beautiful and functional kitchen that you will enjoy for years to come. Accomplishing it on limited funds can seem impossible, but I am going to show you how you can have a beautiful space without breaking the bank!

First, you need to take a realistic look at your budget. Set a budget and stick to it! You have two options when creating your new kitchen. A full kitchen remodel is going to be far more costly than doing an update. If your kitchen has good “bones,” and solid cabinets, you might consider updating by painting the cabinets, adding new hardware, and perhaps new counter tops. These few changes, along with some new appliances, can transform an old tired kitchen into a fabulous new space! On the other hand, if the space isn’t functional, or the cabinets are in poor condition, a complete overhaul may be what’s needed. One caution, there are endless upgrades and gadgets which can quickly add up! Remember, stick to your agreed upon budget.

If you choose to do a complete remodel of your kitchen, do you have the time and skills to take on all or part of the job? Doing some of the work yourself can save you thousands of dollars. A word of caution, unless you are an expert in plumbing, electrical or gas installations, leave those jobs for the professionals. Tackling those jobs may save you money initially, but may cost you down the road when leaks occur or improper wiring or gas installation leads to a fire. So save those jobs for the pros. Installing cabinets, painting, and even tile installation can be good DIY, jobs and will save you lots of money. If you do hire a contractor, you may still be able to negotiate parts of the job, such as painting to save you a little money. Be sure to consider all of your options.

Lastly, you can find real savings when choosing materials. Again, you must be mindful of the budget you have set. The array of materials is endless – not to mention the costs! Remember, you can create a beautiful and functional space without emptying your bank account! In most big-box stores you can purchase cabinets of very good quality at a middle-of-the-road price. These are not the stock cabinets that are in boxes on the floor. You want the special order cabinets, but resist the temptation to go for every option and upgrade they offer. These cabinets come in different grades, and you can choose which one best fits your budget.

I installed cabinets with solid hardwood frames and doors, but not a hardwood box, and I have been more than happy with the quality and durability. When you do order these cabinets, you will see a display of hardware predominately displayed nearby. These come at a premium price! Go to the hardware aisle and select something you like, or shop online for a huge selection at a good price. Another tip many people don’t realize is that if you want glass doors, you can order the doors prepped for glass only When the doors arrive, you can take them to any glass installation company and have the glass installed for a fraction of the price!. while your kitchen remodeling works going on  you can take relaxing fishing holiday with the opportunity to go fishing with your family but don’t forget to take your best spinning reel and rod.

If you keep these tips in mind as you plan your new kitchen, you will end up with a beautiful kitchen you can be proud of and enjoy for years to come, and still stay on budget!