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Choosing the appropriate kitchen countertop material is a critical aspect of the design process of a kitchen remodel. With numerous countertop surface materials options to select from and many factors to bear in mind such as style, budget, durability, level of maintenance etc. it can be a daunting task.
The following are some amazing tips for selecting kitchen countertop materials:

Granitegranite countertop
Granite is highly desired and the cost depends on the availability and type of the particular stone. It is highly durable and when properly sealed it can be the simplest to clean. Granite is available in a variety of style, colors, veining and patterns and its surface is extremely versatile. Wipe off any spilled alcohol, citrus, cooking oils from the granite countertop because it is vulnerable to etching and staining. Use a paper towel to blot any spills and clean using a solution of mild soap and water. For the best look and stain resistance rebuff and seal granite countertop annually.

Marble has a distinctive veining and classic appeal and is ideal for vintage designs. You will find marble used on flooring, kitchen islands and bathrooms. Marble is a high-end surface material and is vulnerable to scratches, etching, and staining. Ensure marble is well sealed to limit staining. Marble is highly resistant to most elements besides high heat. Take care of marble by cleaning using water and soap and protect it from scratches using mats and trivets.


Quartzite is a highly versatile and hard stone based on the quartz content. However, it can be vulnerable to fragmenting and increased costs. Compared to other stone surfaces it less porous and available in a variety of colors. The quartzite differs in terms of stain resistance based on the specific stone. They are easy to clean with limited soap and water.


Quartz is the top quality countertop material due to its high resistance to stain, scratches, and high heat. According to Pyramis Company, it is the simplest to clean and highly eco-friendly. It does not need any sealing and maintains a glossy look with little effort.


Soapstone is also ideal for vintage design because of its unique veining. It is, however, vulnerable to fragmenting and scratching and needs to be oiled to keep a consistent look. It is safe for food preparation owing to its low liquid absorption and natural high density. Soapstone is mostly used in small countertops and it is easy to clean with soap and water. It can also be sealed for a perfect appearance with a food safe seal.

Natural Wood

Natural wood being softer than stone will begin to chip eventually. Wood can be sealed to maintain its natural attractive look. It is renowned for adding warmth to both traditional and modern designs making use of contrasting materials such as glass and stainless steel. Clean and sanitize wood using a solution of vinegar even though the natural wood has its own natural anti-bacterial enzymes. To keep natural wood countertops looking fresh periodically oiling them after cleaning.

Glassglass countertop

Glass is an excellent countertop material that extremely versatile, non-porous and available in a variety of colors and thickness. There are amazing features and effects that can be added to glass such as back painting, edge lighting, etching, and frosting. Glass is easy to clean however without proper care and use it can scratch and fragment.

Based on the above tips you can now make an informed decision about the best countertop surface material for your kitchen remodel.