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Whether you have decided to add an extra bathroom or upgrade your bathroom tiles or shower, a bathroom renovation project is the best opportunity to incorporate your ideas into the design of your dream bathroom. Perhaps you are looking for a spa-like atmosphere for relaxing or simply a functional bathroom for your family. Possibly all that you want is an inviting space to impress your guests and help them feel at home.
Regardless of your bathroom design plans, there are certain bathroom features that are a must have since they not only add property value but also convenience and luxury. These are not just basic amenities like sinks and toilets but additional features that improve the whole bathroom experience including:
• Multi-Head Showers
There is nothing more relaxing than having your worn out muscles massaged by multiple streams of water as you enjoy a nice shower. For the ultimate bathing experience if you have a large bathroom install larger multiple showerheads. Should it not possible to install multiple showerheads due to limited space or plumbing then the alternative is to install a detachable showerhead that can be used with easy flexibility.double basins
• Double Basins
Double basins and vanities are a must have especially when you share the bathroom with the rest of your family. Each person can enjoy his own space when you have a vanity for every sink. Getting ready in the morning does not have to be a pain anymore.
• Large Tub
Jetted tubs are not in high demand as they used to be according to some real estate professionals. However, for master baths large and deep tubs still remain the most desired luxury. It is the perfect place to soak, relax and unwind after a hard day. The style of the room and tub should blend perfectly. The most popular tub selections include freestanding tubs and latest material vintage tubs. If you want sufficient deck space then built-in tubs will do particularly if they overlook a magnificent view.
• Private Toilet
For a shared master bath a separate toilet room makes it convenient for everyone to share the bathroom by adding privacy. You do not need too much space to add a separate bathroom which makes the installation easy.
• Extra Storage
We keep a lot of things in the bathroom such as towels, toilet paper, soap etc. It is, therefore, important to plan for extra storage space when designing your bathroom for remodeling. According to Maid Complete Seattle adding extra shelves, cabinets, furniture will help to unclutter your bathroom making it look more organized.

• Eco-Friendly Features
With growing concern over environmental conservation, most people are going green with their bathroom remodels. Protect the environment by using recycled materials for flooring such as bamboo or reclaimed wood and paints with low VOCs. Limit water wastage by installing a dual flush toilet. Save on materials by restoring some of the old vanities and antique sinks.
• Heating
A cold bathroom tile floor in the morning during winter is not inviting at all. To improve the bathroom experience during the cold season consider installing heated floors. Stay warm using heated towel racks to warm the towels you will use after a bath.
• Technology
A lot of technology is now incorporated into bathrooms to not only enhance the spa-like atmosphere but also for entertainment. Modern bathrooms now include stereo systems, televisions, and the internet.
Every bathroom remodeling project is based on a particular budget. Therefore, you have to prioritize on the most important features that you need for your bathroom.